Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Beatiful Fall

While I was on the OSU campus waiting for my next work assignment to begin, I decided to spend a little time taking pictures of the trees and leaves because this fall provided some of the most amazing colors and patters for trees. It was great.

I felt I had to share these photos with anyone who wanted to see them because the colors were quite the sight to behold. At first, I didn't think much about it all because I got lost in the colors and the moment. However, I have come to a bit of a realization that most of you have probably already figured out. It is easy to see the great things in life when they are beautiful and obvious.

It is really easy on a fall day to stop and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings because the colors are so vibrant and everything seems pretty good. But when things are ugly and gray, that is the time to stop and appreciate the things that you have around you.

So here is my challenge to myself and anyone else who is willing to take it. Get out there with your camera over the next week and find beauty in this time where the weather is dark and dreary. Look for those things out there that are beautiful, even if it isn't obvious. I will do this and post my next batch of pictures now that the leaves have turned and fallen to the ground. It will be a great exercise for all aspects of life.

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The Magnificently Stunning H_bomb® said...

i totally don't take pictures...well I don't take good ones. but if i could today would have been a great day, i saw some really pretty things while running errands. i'm learning to appreciate my new home and the weather that comes with it.