Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wintery "goodness"

I hate the snow. It's cold, wet and usually comes with ice that makes you slide around all over the place. Sure, it's beautiful and all, but what it has in beauty, it lacks in functionality. When you mix in the fact that most of the Willamette Valley doesn't know how to handle snow and therefore things basically shut down, you have a big snowball from hell.

Because of the arctic freeze of 2008, I have missed a theater production I really wanted to see not only because I couldn't make it to Portland, but the show was actually canceled because of the weather. I am sure it was amazing when it was performed and I am upset I didn't get to see it. And to add on to the annoyance that is the snow, I am heading to Seattle on a plane via the Eugene Airport instead of driving there like I normally would. I don't mind flying, but it seems so stupid to fly somewhere when you can drive there so easily and for a lot less money.

But, to add a positive spin on it all, here are a couple of photos from the snowfall in Corvallis.

You can see how much snow is on each branch. This snow was sticking to everything.

This dog was awesome. He had unlimited energy as he chased the tennis ball all around the MU. His owner would load the ball into the sling-like thrower and launch it. The dog would haul off across the snow to find it (or not sometimes... the snow was pretty deep). The only time he would stop would be as he returned the ball and waited for the next toss.