Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Derby Love

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has changed over the last 7 months. First and foremost, I have a new job and moved up to the Portland area. I no longer work at the newspaper and so I don't take pictures every day.

One thing that didn't change is that I still love shooting derby and respect everything those women are doing. So, when the Sick Town Derby Dames joined forces with the Cherry City Derby Girls to face the High Heathers in Portland, I had to be there. Here are a few of the photos from that bout.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A booster shot for the Sick Town Derby Dames

Last year, Theresa Hogue and I worked on a story about a local roller derby team that was forming in Corvallis, the Sick Town Derby Dames. Being a fan of sports, especially those with a bit of a sub-culture appeal to them, I became a part-time derby groupie. Mainly, I have been taking pictures of practices for them and did some promotional team pictures. Unfortunately, it had been a few months since I had been out to see them so last Wednesday Theresa and I went out to a practice where they were doing some scrimmaging.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The theatre

I have found that I get along pretty well with people in the theatre. No, I don't mean theater, like a cinema. But actors, directors and those behind the scenes of a play production. I have gotten to know a lot of people who have gone through the Oregon State University theater department and I admire what they do. I can't imagine standing up in front of an audience and performing for them on stage. I was in one play in high school and I had a total of 5 lines. I was Buzz, the friend of the son and all I had to do was come on for one scene and comment on the presents. It was one of the most nerve racking 5 minutes of my life each time I went out there. I didn't remember delivering the lines and I doubt I "acted" at all. Most likely, and I say that because I really didn't remember anything about it, I walked out, stared blankly into the openness beyond the stage and delivered my lines with all the character and emotion of a block of cheese. After that attempt at performing, I decided my artistic talents were better put to use helping with set design.

Now, 15 years later, I still have respect and admiration for everyone who goes out there on stage and tries to bring a production to life and entertain an audience, but I have found a different way to give back to the hardworking members of the theatre. I love taking pictures of theatre productions. If I can't perform, at least I can capture the performance of others and give the images to the world. The people involved in the productions also seem to appreciate it as they get pretty good pictures from what they are pouring their hearts and souls into.

My favorite productions are done by Scott Palmer of Bag & Baggage Productions. The actors are top-notch and Scott has a way of adapting plays, particularly Shakespeare, that is both ingenious and perverse. His latest production is The Comedy of Errors set in the style of Warner Brothers cartoons. It's stylish, funny and visually stunning thanks to sets by Drew Foster and amazing costumes by Lacey Cassidy. Here are a few images from a tech rehearsal I shot so I can share the production with everyone.

The great part about getting to know those involved with a production is that you have access to areas behind the scenes to witness and document the magic. In this case, the magic is just Dallas putting on makeup, but it was all interesting to witness nonetheless.

The twins all looked great in their matching outfits.

Scott and Lacey watching during tech rehearsal. You can see the genius working.

Scott and Drew closing the door, so to speak, on tech rehearsal.