Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indecent Exposure or Flashing?

When shooting derby, the lighting can often be the toughest part to deal with. They are skating fast, so you need a fast shutter speed, and many bouts happen in dark, poorly lit barn-like buildings. This last bout between Lilac City and Sick Town was in a large building at the Linn County Fairgrounds with just some fluorescent lighting and some translucent windows that lets in some diffused sunlight. So the question is whether to use the light available or use a flash. The light available provided enough light to get some decent shutter speeds, but it is very flat light and the skaters don't stand out very well from the crowd. Using a flash helps bring out the skaters from the background with more contrast, but the flash doesn't cycle very quickly and the distance between the flash and the subject changes so quickly the flash doesn't always adjust right. You can see the differences below. So what do you think? Which seems to be the better way to go? Sharper images when you get them with a flash? Or no flash and make sure you don't miss any shots due to slow flash recycling times?