Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brutal and Adorable

Roller derby juxtaposes and mixes many things. Beauty and athleticism. Speed and power. Offense and defense at the same time. But one of the more interesting contrasts in roller derby is the brutal nature of the sport with crashes and injuries, and the family-centered and kid-friendly nature as you see the little kids asking for autographs and idolizing the strong women on the track. It can be difficult sometimes as some children may see some violent play that lead to some gruesome injuries, boutfits that may be a little suggestive and derby names that can be funny for adults, but very inappropriate for children to repeat (Wetback Attack and Queen Bee Yotch come to mind). The fact that the sport isn't black and white, but is a mixture of everything from A to Z is what makes me love the sport as a photographer and a sports fan.

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