Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flagging some Footballs

While I tend to focus on derby with my pictures and blog posts (with a few theater posts mixed in from time to time), I do like to go photograph a lot of various events and sports. This weekend I spent a couple of hours at the Underdog Portland flag football tournament, the "Rain Bowl 2010" to shoot my friends' team called "Man Punts".

Events like this don't get a lot of photographers' attention because there isn't any money in it and there isn't a real audience for the photos, but I think they are a lot of fun and can you can get some pretty sweet photos out of it. In flag football, people leave their feet a lot to dive for flags as someone jukes and dekes by the defense. And while there aren't the big hits you find in tackle football (usually), there is a lot of action going on. My photos from this tourney aren't spectacular, but it was a fun time and some decent action shots.

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