Saturday, March 19, 2011

Down with the Sickness

As I sit at home on this Saturday, missing an Emerald City Roller Girls derby bout in Eugene because I am on the front end of the cold that is going around, I realized that it is a perfect time to update my blog with images from my Sick Town Derby Dames' first bout last weekend.

It was a great bout, though it started a little slow and things seemed a little off for the first half. With new skaters bouting for the first time and a crowd that was a little less than responsive, it wasn't until the second half that the bout became a great one. Sick Town made a great run in the final minutes, revving up the crowd and came up just short of an amazing come back. Throw in a broken skate (see photo above) and you have a great recipe for an entertaining sporting event!

Of course, for me, my batteries in the flash dying half way through the first half, and my attempts to shoot with various lighting options throughout the bout, I didn't have a great time shooting. While the lighting at the fairgrounds is bright enough not to use a flash, it doesn't provide very good contrast. The flash on camera helps make the photos pop a little better and freeze the action. Next time, I need to be sure about how to shoot and what my goals are and run with it. The more I question and test, the more I am worried about the lighting and don't focus enough on the action. Time to focus!

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