Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Get to Photograph Beautiful Women in Various States of Undress? Cool!

In 2011, I had many new opportunities and avenues for photography and I appreciate them all! Along with theater and roller derby, I had some wonderful opportunities to photograph various burlesque and bellydance performances. It was something I had not even really seen much of, let alone photographed. But during the summer I went to a production of Critical Hit Burlesque's "Geeklesque", a geek-themed burlesque show, and I was hooked. It was truly an amazing experience! After talking to a few people after the show, I was able to convince them to give me an opportunity to photograph one of their next events. (The photo above is from one of their later video-game themed shows, but gives a good sense of how fun and creative the performances can be).

Photographing the next show was nothing short of spectacular. The performances were great, the performers were funny, talented and gorgeous. Apparently I did an ok job photographing the performances, because they keep asking me back and so I have been able to continue this fun.

Along with the burlesque shows, I was presented a great opportunity to photograph a bellydance show. JamBallah NW is an annual bellydance and fusion festival here in Portland and is truly and amazing event. I met one of the organizers, Elise, through the geekslesque shows (she did the most amazing Star Trek Borg dances I have ever seen) and she gave me a chance to photograph. I am grateful for that because it really was a lot of fun. And Elise is one of the most amazing performers, hands down. (see her photo directly below)

Overall, it has been a great foray with my camera into a new world. I look forward to what new ventures 2012 will bring and continuing my opportunities to photograph amazing performers, both women and men.

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Love your pictures........engaging, interesting, beautiful, artistic and captivating. Pleasure to run across your site!